Welcome to STL Urbanist!

We’re here to promote safer and more effective infrastructure for bicycle users, pedestrians and public transit aficionados. This is also a platform to organize and create real change for our community.

No matter where you come from—Saint Louis City, Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, Metro East, or even Alton—you deserve to have access to affordable, reliable, and accessible transportation. This is what drives us at STL Urbanist. We want to educate and empower each other as we advocate for more urbanist city planning throughout the greater Saint Louis region.

We’re not just talk. We’re a grassroots movement taking action to enable vulnerable parts of our community to access better jobs and better healthcare without the expense of a car. During our regular meetings, our members share how they’re restoring streets throughout STL as places for people to gather and to live together. We hope our work in Saint Louis inspires people around the world to organize their own communities for better future for everyone.

Join us on Discord or at one of our monthly meetings to become part of the movement!